About Us

About Us

Help protect our state’s most precious resource – our children.

The Governor’s Task Force on Infant Mortality was established to help more South Dakota babies reach their 1st birthday.

Every year since 2000, approximately 11,000 infants were born to residents of South Dakota. Tragically, each year 50 to 100 of these babies die within their first year of life. South Dakota’s infant mortality rate is alarmingly high.

There is good news however. Infant mortality is often considered preventable – which means we can make a difference by:


  • Recognizing the early signs of pregnancy
  • Starting prenatal care as soon as possible
  • Using safe sleep practices

Please, join us in our efforts to decrease infant mortality rates in South Dakota. Explore this site, share this information with your friends and loved ones and check back often. We want to give every baby the best possible start to a healthy life… for baby’s sake.